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Screen Grabs

What are others doing with their desktops?

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This is a community for people to share what their desktops (work and/or home computers) look like. Why? Just to satisfy some morbid or not-so-morbid curiosity.

Just some quick ground rules:

* PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE nothing that would breach confidentiality of personal or work information. If there are things like this, please don't post the screen grab or obscure the sensitive information. This includes customer or business or client information or data such as phone numbers or social security numbers or email addresses or personal data. You're responsible for what you post; consider this when you make an entry here.

* please scale the sizes of the images of the screen grabs posted in this community to no more than 640 x 480. Yes, I know it will make them hard to read in the community. But read on...

* please present a link to the full-sized screen grab, either as a standalone link or using the image described above as a link.

* Nothing illegal. No spam. No flames. Nothing which would get you sued, arrested, or deported.

The maintainer of this community can -- and reserves the right to -- delete posts which don't follow these rules.

This should be a place to brag about the cool (or not-so-cool) desktops everybody has. Enjoy it!