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Can anyone help, please? ;(

( I made a similar post as this in animeicons and several other icon journals, in case it looks familiar. )

There was once a girl, that loved to make icons. She made them for everyone, about anything! But one day her computer needed a complete system recovery, and lost all inside it. Including her favorite font. She can't recall the name of the font entirely, but she does have previous icons with that font on it! Here they are :


So that's my story. Lol. The closest I came to remembering the name are these : Tecknic, Tecnic, Teknic, Tehnic, Teknik, or Technic. LOL, I know it starts with a "T" and when you use it, it doesn't type in lower case. It's all in caps lock, as you can see above. I LOVE this font and would love to get it back. Thank you so much in advance. :D

( I repay with icons. xD )

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